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More specifically, here’s what’s included in the program:

Module 01 – The Inner Game of Money
Discover the core beliefs of the world’s wealthiest people, and what’s currently preventing you from developing them.
​Break free of your most limiting beliefs around money with the help of an expert financial psychologist, who will help you master the often-overlooked and absolutely critical Inner Game of Money.
Go through a powerful exercise, led by Neil himself, and start rewiring your beliefs around money.
​Learn why investing in yourself is the first step towards financial growth
​And more.

Module 02 – Goal Setting
Discover a framework that will help you align all areas of your life towards your goals, and quickly accelerate your progress towards them.
​Learn a simple goal setting system that will help you set powerful goals and make sure that you pursue them.
​Learn how to start going after your biggest goals right now, even if your finances are limited.
​And more.

Module 03 – Networking & Job Seeking
Learn how to make powerful business connections through the LinkedIn platform
Automate your networking so you that others will see you as a person they want to connect with
Discover a simple system that will allow you to effortlessly land any job that you want.
​And more.

Module 04 – Launch Your Business
Learn how to turn your passion into a profitable business.
​Learn how to write engaging books at an accelerated pace so you can establish yourself as an authority in your field
Start generating passive income using the skills and assets you already have
Discover the secrets on how to create and expand multi-million dollar business
​Learn the pitfalls to avoid when create a business or joint-venture
​Learn how to throw entire industries upside down so that you can become a billionaire
​And more.

Module 05 – 10x Your Success
​Learn how to sell your products or services from the world’s #1 marketer
Learn a simple method to easily close 6-figure sales
Get the #1 slot on Google for any searches related to your field
​10x your revenue
​​And much more.

Module 06 – Finish Rich
Increase your savings 5x with a 5-minutes technique that you only need to implement once
Learn how to make serious money with real estate
Make sure your skills and business stay relevant in the future
​Discover global business trends that you can leverage to reap massive gains in the next five, ten, or even twenty years.
​Learn where the world of tech is heading so that you can be one of the first to invest in the next big thing
I’m ready understand the true meaning of wealth! Let me join Money Game 2.0!

But that’s not all – by signing up to the Money Game 2.0, you will also get the following bonuses:

Neil’s Best Time Management
& Life Automation Tools
(valued at $997)
To get the most out of everything the Money Game has to offer, you will need to develop a true mastery over your own schedule.

After all, time is often the biggest excuse we use not to pursue our goals.

To help you overcome this obstacle, we’re including several presentations from Neil and other world-renowned experts on time management and lifestyle automation.

These are the same tools that have allowed Neil to have the equivalent of three full-time jobs in addition to writing books, dating, and taking care of his family.

And once you watch these videos, you will never be able to let your schedule stop you from pursuing your dreams ever again, no matter what your current situation is.
Free 30-day access to the Life Mastery Program *
(Valued at $197)
While the Money Game focuses on giving you the tools you need to reach full financial abundance, some of you may been looking for more information so you can also improve other areas of your life.

So, to help you out, we are throwing in a free 30-day subscription to The Life Mastery Program.

This program contains over 150h of video footage from Neil’s best and most transformative intensives of the last ten years, including exclusive content from some of the world’s leading experts in many different fields.

These powerful lessons will help you develop the complementary skills that some of you may need to take full advantage of The Money Game 2.0, including:
How to meet anyone, anywhere
The key to finally letting go of your most deeply held limiting beliefs
​Finding your life’s purpose
Unlocking your inner creative genius
​Building strong and meaningful relationships of all kinds
​The key to real happiness
​Mastering verbal and non-verbal communication
​Becoming a power speaker
​The language of persuasion and influence
​And over 60 additional modules that will help you become the best version of yourself and live the life you have always wanted.
*Please note that once your free 30-day access is over, you will be automatically enrolled into a subscription to The Life Mastery Program at the reduced membership fee of $97/month (instead of $197/month).

You may opt out of the program at any time by contacting us at support@thesocietyintl.com.
Over 10 free modules of The Life Mastery Program
(Valued at over $1000)
And to help you get started in the Life Mastery Program, we will unlock the first TEN modules for you right from the start. These modules will focus on some of the most crucial skills you will need to quickly 10x your life, such as:
The keys to effective learning, allowing you to learn anything 10x as fast as you normally would… including the content of Money Game 2.0!
Learning to identify the opportunities that are right for you… and developing the capabilities you need to increase the various opportunities that can present themselves to you!
​How to instantly connect with anyone… so that they can either become clients, romantic interests, or even investors for your business!
How to manage your fear of taking risks… so that you can finally take action on your biggest goals!
​How to gain full control over your own reactions… so that no bump along the road can ever throw you off track!
Identifying your personal values… so that you can create an amazing life for yourself that is actually good for you!

The 4 Step System To Building Profitable Dropshipping Stores
by Using These 4 Steps, You’ll Be Able To
+ Copy and paste the EXACT SAME SYSTEMS I’ve Used To Make Over $4M in Revenue From My Stores
+ Find 7 Figure Products on demand no matter what niche you’re in!

+ Use our unfailing system to never spend another dime trying to validate a new product (despite what everyone else is teaching around this!)
+ Sell High Quality Products to High Quality Customers so you don’t hate your job dealing with bad quality and frustrating customers!
+ Find evergreen products that’ll sell for years no matter what is happening in the industry or what your competitors are selling!
+ Run PROFITABLE ads on winning products skyrocketing your profits with low cost per purchase (meaning you’re making way more by spending way less!)

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Buy Today!
+ 10 Modules Dropshipping Course (Total Value: $997)
+ Viral Product Research Mastery Training (Total Value: $1,297)
+ High Converting Landing Page Templates (Total Value: $397)
+ Case Study “FB Ads Turning $36k Into $213k!” (Total Value: $197)
+ Scaling Secrets “Future Proofing Your FB Ads” (Total Value: $197)
+ Influencer Ads Mastery “How I Turned $4,500 into $32,000” (Total Value: $197)
+ Micro-CBO Testing Strategy (Total Value: $497)

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