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Whether you’re a professional trader, new to trading or just looking to start a new career, it is time to discover the power of Order Flow Analysis.

Order Flow Is The Most Powerful Market Analytical Tool Available For Traders.

Order flow provides valuable market activity information that is not available on any other type of chart. Despite its many unique and inherent advantages, many traders just do not understand how to interpret the order flow occurring in the market to help them in their trading.The Orderflows Trading Course is a unique home study video course designed to provide you with a complete education of Order Flow Analysis of Futures Markets: to help you understand a footprint chart, areas of price rejection, where strong volume is appearing, how to find hidden trade opportunities and much more.

  • Learn how to identify high probability trading opportunities.
  • Learn to interpret market imbalance developments.
  • Learn to quickly identify trends and join them as soon as they begin.
  • Learn how to understand why the market behaves the way it does.
  • Learn to identify when prices are accepted or rejected by the market.
  • Learn to quickly read the order flow chart and identify market direction.
  • Learn to take trades that often times never move against you.

What Exactly Does The Orderflows Trading Course Cover?

20 Videos That Walk You Through The Process Of Becoming A Skilled Order Flow Trader, Ready To Understand & Trade The Markets.

Each in-depth training lesson is made up of 10-30 minute long video that can be watched when you are available to watch it. You can move through the training course at your own speed. Watch and rewatch the videos as many times as you please.

This course is presented in a simple and easy to understand manner. It allows traders an opportunity to learn the key components of orderflow analysis and how they can benefit from them.

This course is broken down into 20 lessons:

Lesson 1 Introduction To Order Flow  time 31:46 minutes
Lesson 2 Order Flow Software & Data Feeds  time 27:09 minutes
Lesson 3 How To Read Order Flow Charts  time 16:05 minutes
Lesson 4 Order Flow Terms  time 43:36 minutes
Lesson 5 Who Are The Market Participants  time 23:53 minutes
Lesson 6 Different Types Of Trading Happening In The Market  time 25:11 minutes
Lesson 7 Best Markets To Trade Order Flow  time 23:25 minutes
Lesson 8 Understanding Market Imbalance  time 42:17 minutes
Lesson 9 Why The Point Of Control Is Significant  time 20:59 minutes
Lesson 10 The Importance Of Delta  time 38:24 minutes
Lesson 11 Order Flow Price Rejection  time 39:41 minutes
Lesson 12 Order Flow Support And Resistance Levels  time 34:09 minutes
Lesson 13 Understanding Order Flow Fair Prices & Absorption  time 43:59 minutes
Lesson 14 Reading The Market With Order Flow  time 1 hour 1:03 minutes
Lesson 15 Order Flow Trade Setups  time 42:31 minutes
Lesson 16 Order Flow Reversal Patterns  time 33:08 minutes
Lesson 17 Order Flow Continuation Patterns  time 22:12 minutes
Lesson 18 Integrating Order Flow With Traditional Technical Analysis  time 33:24 minutes
Lesson 19 Test Yourself/Practice Charts  time 2 hours 29:11 minutes
Lesson 20 Conclusion  time 43:56 minutes

Along with the videos, you can also download course lesson PDFs to print and make notes on.

Why Order Flow Analysis Is A Skill You Really Need In Trading

How Order Flow Will Help You

Probably the most important element in a successful trading career is having a reliable background on the market, and this background should have been acquired through long time trading. Getting to this level of experience may seem difficult to accomplish, however, if all necessary elements are constantly met, your trading success would be easier to achieve. These elements include trading experience, good observational skills, a focus on the important aspects, and a good understanding of business strategies. That goes without saying that patience is also a virtue even in trading. All these traits will help each trader develop a sound background that would allow them to constantly succeed in trading. The goal in developing a sound trading background is to ultimately be able to judge correctly, thus allowing you to have a reliable confidence level that will lead to trading success.

Imagine Having Someone To Guide You Through the Steps Necessary To Order Flow Analysis

The Order Flow Trading Course was designed by Futures Trader who spent 8 years trading at JP Morgan, 4 years at Cargill, 3 years at Commerzbank and 2 years at EDF Man. Learn from an experienced trader with a solid foundation of market knowledge gained from working at some of the world’s biggest trading institutions.

Control The Risk On Your Trades

Can you actually control whether or not you make money or not? There’s only a probability, you can’t control. Once we make a decision, we try to line up everything in our favor but once you’re in trading, it’s 50-50. We can’t control the outcome, but the mind gets focused to making money by winning. It causes you to become a gambler. You actually end up becoming focused on what you can’t control – the outcome; rather than what you can control – the process. Order flow allows you to control the process.

The Order Flow Trading Course focuses on spotting critical market turning points based on price action to capitalize on low-risk, high-reward trading strategies.

Take The Stress Out Of Trading With Order Flow Analysis

Most people actually don’t make any money in trading; in fact most people lose money trading. So, you need to know if you’re new to trading, come with your eyes wide open, and understand that you need to have realistic expectations. Successful trading is a profession, if you want to make money from trading, you may want to treat it as a profession.

Even if you are a profitable trader order flow analysis can help you.

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