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Skyrocket the sales of your products, programs and services with free challenges that convert
In a content-rich society where your ideal clients are constantly being marketed to, you have a massive opportunity to market with them by promoting your offers in a way that involves their direct participation.
When you learn to market with people (rather than at them) you’ll skyrocket the sales of your products, programs and services.
Let’s be honest for just a second here, expecting your challenge to convert to sales without a clear, step-by-step plan at the outset, probably means you won’t make much in the way of money.
The good news is…
With a little planning and a clear formula to follow, you’ll be able to plan, promote and host a successful challenge that seamlessly segues into your next launch.
The feeling you’ll have when you help hundreds of people break through blocks they’ve been battling with for some time.
Seeing people rave on social media about how much value they’ve gotten from your free challenge.
Watching as one-by-one your challengers sign up for the offer you pitch them after the challenge is complete.
Whether you’re just starting out online and need to build your email list fast or are looking for a way to build anticipation ahead of your next launch,
I know that pulling off a successful challenge launch might seem intimidating:
You have a million and one things you want to teach but no idea how to streamline your content into bite-sized daily challenges that actually make sense.
You’re worried all the time you’ve spent creating kick-ass content will be for nothing because you don’t feel confident getting the word out about the challenge.
You’ve seen loads of other people in your niche hosting challenges and you’re convinced that no one will sign up for yours as a result.
Between emails, social media posts and live-streams, you’re overwhelmed with all the moving pieces that go into making a challenge really successful.
Hosting the free challenge sounds like a breeze; it’s pitching the product, program or service at the end of it that you’re most worried about.
This could be exactly how your next launch unfolds when you implement what you’ll learn in
The Challenge Launch Method!
The Challenge Launch Method is an 8-lesson, step-by-step, watch-over-my-shoulder course for anyone who wants to learn a foolproof method that will skyrocket the sales of their products, programs and services.
Here’s how all the pieces fit together…

Lesson 1: What is a challenge launch?
How to find out what your ideal clients and customers want and need.
How to decide which challenge you should help your ideal clients solve first.
How to determine the best way to deliver your free content based on your ideal client’s preferences.

Lesson 2: Challenge Launch Essentials
The real reason challenge launches are so effective.
Why it’s important to begin with an end in mind.
The big picture overview of how your challenge launch will go down.

Lesson 3: Cultivating Pre-Launch Buzz
How to strategically plan your challenge launches and acquire as much publicity as possible.
How to reverse-engineer interest for your next launch with all the content you create.
The importance of making yourself visible and accessible throughout your launch.

Lesson 4: Creating Your Challenge Content & Sales Funnel
How to plan out, organize and create content for each day of your challenge.
Know all the elements that need to be in your sales funnel.
Design and create your launch webinar.

Lesson 5: Promoting Your Challenge
Create a plan for promoting your challenge with Facebook ads.
Best practices for promoting your challenge using Facebook groups hosted by others as well as your own.
Email marketing and social media tips and tricks to get the word out fast.

Lesson 6: Hosting a Successful Challenge
How to pull off a challenge that people will be raving about for weeks and months to come.
What you need to do every single day to prime your challengers and turn them into your next customers and clients.
How to effectively transition your challenge from serving to selling.

Lesson 7: Sealing the Deal
How to kick off your launch with a webinar to promote your product, program or service.
How to incentivise your challengers to take fast action by building additional benefits into your offer.
Tech tips to help you boost your sales conversion.

Lesson 8: Evaluating Your Success
How to analyze your challenge, learn from your personal experience and do better next time.
How to get to the root of why people decided not to buy.
How to gather social proof for your challenge that you can use to promote it next time around.

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+ Micro-CBO Testing Strategy (Total Value: $497)

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