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Created by: Jonathan Dane
App: Mega.nz

Everything you need to know to master search & display in a simple, quick, and effective manner.

Instead of an “all you can eat buffet”, wouldn’t it be great to know exactly what you need to do inside of AdWords to get results?
We’ll go through the basics and increase the difficulty over time.
Everything will be taught with simplicity, and you’ll have both notes and videos to return to if you get stuck.
Not to mention, some other amazing perks:– Full year access to a custom Slack channel with other students and KB team members to help you out.– Upgrades like quizzes, worksheets, and expert interviews on new strategies/tactics.– First dibs on new courses and inside scoops around different marketing initiatives.
If you break it down, the ROI you’ll gain far surpasses the cost of this course.

Your Instructor

Johnathan Dane is a PPC lover and conversion rate fighter, spending most of his time in the trenches.
He’s an international speaker who founded and ran two successful agencies with over $5 million in annual revenue in less than two years.
With experience spanning from over 500 clients (from smaller local businesses to larger ones like Airbnb and Stanford), this course simplifies the confusion and gives you bite sized strategies and tactics that you can implement right away.

Class Curriculum
Google AdWords Basics
What Is Google AdWords? + VIDEO (2:29)
The History of AdWords
The AdWords Auction
Targeting & Budget Control
Data Insights + VIDEO (1:57)
Structure of AdWords + VIDEO (3:32)
Search vs Display + VIDEO (5:20)
PPC Temperatures + VIDEO (17:29)
AdWords Research + VIDEO (2:58)
Terminology & Language + VIDEO (7:35)
The BIG Picture
AdWords Search
Keywords – What Are They?
Keyword Match Types + VIDEO (3:39)
Search Terms + VIDEO (1:55)
Negative Keywords + VIDEO (3:20)
Quality Scores + VIDEO (4:09)
Bidding + VIDEO (5:32)
Ad Copy + VIDEO (3:54)
Ad Extensions + VIDEO (5:39)
Multi Intent Keywords & Temperatures + VIDEO (3:07)
AdWords Display
What Is The Display Network?
Setting The Stage + VIDEO (4:12)
Display Keywords (Contextual Targeting) + VIDEO (3:12)
Placements + VIDEO (2:47)
Topics + VIDEO (3:19)
Interests + VIDEO (4:54)
Layer Targeting + VIDEO (2:55)
Gmail Ads + VIDEO (4:24)
Ads In Mobile Apps + VIDEO (4:53)
Additional Settings + VIDEO (3:35)
Ad Types & Where To Build Them
Temperatures & Mini Baits
Building Your Display Funnel + VIDEO (3:34)
What Is Remarketing?
Setting Remarketing Up + VIDEO (8:06)
Negative Audiences + VIDEO (2:46)
Customer Match + VIDEO (1:53)
Similar Audiences + VIDEO (1:47)
Remarketing Lists For Search Ads (RLSA) + VIDEO (3:15)
Different Types of Remarketing + VIDEO (3:14)
YouTube Stats
Types of YouTube Campaigns & Networks
Types of Video Ads + VIDEO (2:51)
YouTube Targeting + VIDEO (3:28)
Creating The Actual Video Ad + VIDEOS (2:36)
Strength of Audiences
Understanding New Metrics + VIDEO (3:26)
Google Shopping
What Is Google Shopping?
Setting Up Google Merchant Center
Setting Up Your Data Feed
Connecting Your Data Feed + VIDEO (2:52)
Writing Product Titles
Product Descriptions
Images & Prices
Campaign Structure + VIDEO (5:22)
Remarketing Optimizations + VIDEO (3:28)
Bidding Rules & Automation + VIDEO (3:16)
Drive Leads With Google Shopping? + VIDEO (2:07)
Setting Things Up For Success
Navigating The AdWords Interface + VIDEO (8:51)
Connecting Accounts
Conversion Tracking + VIDEO (5:13)
Research For Search – The Keyword Planner + VIDEO (4:10)
Research For Display – The Display Planner + VIDEO (3:18)
Building Your First Campaign + VIDEO (8:31)
Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) For Search + VIDEO (6:28)
The Display & Video Ad Group Structure + VIDEO (3:19)
The Iceberg Effect + VIDEO (5:58)
Budgets & Bids + VIDEO (4:20)
Additional Tracking Options + VIDEO (3:26)
AdWords Editor
What It Is & Where To Get It
Shortcuts For Quickness + VIDEO (4:25)
Optimization Work
Daily Alerts + VIDEO (3:03)
Weekly Routines + VIDEO (19:28)
Monthly Routines + VIDEO (11:07)
Filters + VIDEO (2:50)
Attribution Models + VIDEO (3:55)
Script/Rule Automation
Scripts & Rules To Help + VIDEO (9:39)
Scaling & Growth
Scaling Search + VIDEO (3:57)
Scaling Display + VIDEO (2:50)
The Most Important Things To Remember
Sacrificing Metrics + VIDEO (1:55)
Granularity = More Control + VIDEO (1:35)
Landing Page Importance
Smoke Testing + VIDEO (2:40)
See You On Slack!

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