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Joe Dispenza’s Becoming Supernatural course combines the latest scientific research with ancient wisdom to help you understand how your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions shape your biology. Through this comprehensive program, you can learn how to become the conscious creator of your life by developing skills for self-regulation, mastering new habits of thought and behavior, activating neuroplasticity in the brain, and tapping into sources of energy beyond what is visible. With Joe’s guidance, you can shift from a reactive state to one that is proactive—in essence, becoming supernatural!

In this 3-part series with Gaia.com LIVE ACCESS, Joe will explain quantum physics principles like entanglement and nonlocality; offer an overview of ancient spiritual practices like meditation, visualization, and energy medicine; and provide step-by-step methods for using these skills to create physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual transformation.

You’ll also discover how to use intention as a tool for manifesting your desires and learn simple exercises you can do every day to raise your energetic vibration. Joe will teach you how to recognize how the power of thought affects the health of your body on a cellular level while showing you how compassion can heal both yourself and others around you. And finally, he’ll show you the importance of connecting with higher consciousness in order to tap into collective wisdom beyond what is visible in the physical world.


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