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David Barnett – Business Buyer Advantage course is designed to help business buyers understand the critical buying and negotiating skills needed in today’s increasingly competitive market. The course provides an in-depth look at the key concepts that can help you succeed as a business buyer, including how to assess needs, comparison shop for the best price, evaluate vendors’ offers and negotiate successful contracts. It also covers legal considerations like contract terms, warranties and liability issues. With these tools, business owners can be confident that they are making informed decisions when it comes to purchasing goods and services for their company. After taking this course, business buyers will be better equipped to prepare effective requests for proposals (RFPs); compare bids from multiple suppliers; assess capabilities of different vendors; develop comprehensive vendor selection criteria; select and manage vendors; and negotiate better deals. The course also has a unique interactive component that allows users to apply the topics they learn throughout the course in real-time through a series of business buying scenarios. David Barnett – Business Buyer Advantage will give you the confidence and know-how needed to make successful purchasing decisions for your company.


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