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About the course:

We, are Charles Floate and Edward Rostron.

Two British SEOs with different specialities and a knack for teaching others how to rank in Google.

Charles brings over a decade of black hat specialism and big-budget marketing to the table, whilst Ed has quietly created a local lead generation business that has allowed him to travel the world and work with hundreds of different companies.

We both reside in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Some would say the capital of SEO these days.

  • Both Self-Employed SEOs, Living Abroad As A Result of Years of SEO Work
  • Hundreds of Successful SEO Campaigns
  • Worked With Hundreds of Local Businesses
  • Strategies & Techniques Survived Years of Google Algorithm Updates

Who Is This eBook For?

  • Any Local Business Owners that are looking to save a small fortune on agencies & freelancers, and start generating customers on autopilot.
  • Digital Marketing Agency Owners that are wanting to have the most up to date local SEO training in existence, and keep one step ahead of their competitors.
  • Freelance SEOs & Entrepreneurs looking to create their own local lead generation business with high-profit margins and low recurring costs.

What’s Inside This eBook?
When I say this is a complete road map of local SEO, and everything you’d need to run an entire agency catering to every business imaginable, I mean it.

This eBook includes:

  • A Complete Introduction To Local Businesses & The Different Types of Local SEO (Storefront, Lead Gen, Service & Multi-Location)
  • A Full Guide To Local Keyword Research (Types, Tools, Measuring, Analyzing, Difficulty, Formatting & More)
  • How To Find Local Lead Gen Gold Mine Niches
  • Complete Local Site Setup & OnPage Optimization
  • FREE Local Link Building Strategy & Setup (Local Link Building Shouldn’t Cost You A Penny!)
  • Full Google My Business (GMB) Optimization + Verification Tips & Tricks
  • Local Reviews, Black Hat Review Tips & Reputation Management
  • How To Get Local SEO Clients On Tap
  • Building Lead Generation Assets & Scaling A Lead Gen Business
  • As well as a bunch of other tips, tricks and golden nuggets throughout!

Not only do you get the gigantic eBook that covers everything you need to know about local SEO and building your local lead generation business, but we’ve also included 2 FREE bonuses that cover topics we knew you’d want us to!

Free Bonus #1 – The Competitive Citadel

Sometimes, niches can be very competitive, even in local searches.

Things tend to get a bit more dog-eat-dog when it comes to keywords around lawyers, surgery, loans, real estate and a few other, high-end industries.

This free bonus course aims to take you through how to analyze these competitors, dissect their strategies and adopt specific techniques that are aimed to dominate the field.

Free Bonus #2 – The Big City

If you happen to want to compete in a major city like London or New York, it can feel like there are a thousand other businesses vying for the top spot.

It can seem difficult to identify opportunities and outrank established players.

Fear not, there are many methods and opportunities to be made, even in the big city… And this bonus guide will take you through all of them!

Still Need Some Convincing?
Ed has been doing local lead generation for half a decade now, I chose a mentor that is highly specific to exactly what you guys need and one of the few SEO abilities I lack, local.

Local is by far one of the easiest forms of SEO, but it’s got so much misinformation out there and so few actual case studies, that formulating a strategy that works consistently can be very difficult without having this level of detail on hand.

There isn’t another piece out there that is this detailed when it comes to ranking sites in local organic listings, taking over map packs and all the up to date tools, techniques and tips you need.

*As with all my products, the information I cram into these courses is normally sold for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. So I do not offer a refund guarantee, you get my downloadables and get the information you’d normally have to spend hundreds of hours gathering or thousands of dollars on from other SEOs.

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