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It’s not new to us that there are successful people who came from a poor living – and Bob Proctor is one of them. Many may think that he’s successful from the start, but little did they know that it takes dedication to unlock his full potential and goals in life. Bob Proctor is from Ontario, Canada and due to lack of money, he is a high school dropout that had to find a job to fulfil his everyday needs. 


At first, he was struggling to find success until he read a book by Napoleon Hill titled “Think and Grow Rich. The latter is popular for being a self-help book that became an inspiration to many successful people today. 


Eventually, Bob started his own cleaning company and was able to earn $100,000 in the first year. He also joined the Nightingale-Conant Organization led by Earl Nightingale. From that, he learned a lot about personal development and how your skills can actually make you successful. He loved his job in the organization but Bob really wants to teach and share his own ideas on how you can improve your potential. 


He then offered motivational speeches and seminars across the USA and Canada. His wisdom and knowledge grew his empire in the year of 1970s. Today, Bob Proctor is recognized as the World’s foremost coaching expert and a leading expert on how a person can get rich. 


How can Bob Proctor help an individual?


Aside from his shared experiences, he also published a lot of programs that help people get concrete information on using our full potential in different aspects, dilemmas, and edges of life. 


Indeed, with an ability to show hope and confidence, you are not far from the heights of achievements. Just like Bob Proctor, you can also be one of the World’s biggest Law of Attraction Experts. 


Bob Proctor’s Seminars, Coaching, and courses


Bob Proctor Living the Legacy

In this course, Bob proctor teaches others how the Law of Attraction and Law of Vibration can help you to become successful in your business or personal career. For Bob, as soon as you believe what you feel and visualise what you really want in your life, you will have it. 

He also shared the Law of Vibration – means that everything in the universe is in a constant state of movement. The knowledge of Bob on this topic is immeasurable and he will tell you how it can work for you. 


Bob Proctor: The Art of Goal Creation


In this course, Bob talked about how we can switch our negative thoughts to positive ones. This course unintentionally embraced the situation of the pandemic, especially now that we are facing a lot of challenges due to the latter. 


On a primary note, Bob wants this course to teach us how positive thoughts can turn to good feelings and therefore get the things we really want to achieve. Moreover, Bob said that attracting what you are thinking and how you want to be successful in life can be done through listening.  


Bob Proctor: Paradigm shift


Bob’s beliefs and teachings in the Law of Attraction are what other people must hear. In fact, his knowledge of the law caught the attention of Rhonda Byrne, the author of “The Secret Book” and the director of the film adaptation itself. This is no wonder why Bob Proctor was one of the featured teachers in the book. 


This course will let us realise that our multitude of habits is our guide to every move we make towards success. Whether it’s the way we eat, talk, or even walk. How you govern yourself is how you will experience success or failure. 


Bob Proctor: Magic in your mind


In this course, Bob shares about Proctor Gallagher Institute. An institute he founded with Sandy Gallagher – a successful banking attorney who met Bob Proctor in one of his seminars. She is undeniably successful in her career back then, but deep in her heart, she knows she’s not following her true purpose. And with the help of Bob Proctor, Sandy was able to find it and therefore opened an institute with Bob called; Proctor Gallagher Institute. 


The goal of Proctor Gallagher Institute is to teach and empower people through providing them with seminars, products, services, and events. So if you are longing to find your full potential and how you can use and improve your current power to fulfil your dreams, the institute is infused with Bob’s legacy and Sarah’s inspirational life senses. 


Bob Proctor: You Were Born Rich


To reiterate his most famous book is “You Were Born Rich”, this course is made. The latter is recognized as one of the most comprehensive personal development books available in the world. Indeed, you will truly unlock your fullest potential once you take this course. It also guides you to all the major principles that you need to unlock the cast of wealth just buried inside you. 


Bob Proctor: Thinking into Results


This course will guide you about the 12 lesson process you need to acquire in order to create new, desired results in your life. So if you want to define your goals and dreams, let Bob Proctor stretch you with his wisdom and knowledge about it. 


Bob Proctor’s Books that changed many lives


We are all aware that Bob Proctor is the author of many successful books that involves a lot of discussion about the Law of Attraction. While his book “The Art of Living” consists of transcripts from his most popular and successful workshop called Matrixx. The Art of Living explains why there are lots of false beliefs we are taught at a very young age. And that you need to unlearn those beliefs and reject all the negative patterns you’re doing with your life. Other books of Bob available are The ABC’s of Success, Thoughts are Things, The Secret of the Science of Getting Rich, It’s Not About the Money, and many more. 


All of which will help you achieve success, whether financially, or in general. There are also reviews on these books saying that the thoughts and wisdom of it are all clearly explained and easy to read. All his seminars, teachings, books, and other products are available online or in bookstores.


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