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Like the majority of men across the globe, I’ll make a bold claim by declaring that it’s the ultimate goal of yours to meet anyone you please. Although I’m not saying that’s completely possible however what I’m declaring is that there’s the possibility of maximizing your abilities to do things that the majority of the of us males don’t know what to do.



The name of the game is Ross. Ross Aypa am apart of the 0.01 percent who know how to make use of the talents I have at my disposal to maximize my impact on women everywhere because of my coach Alex Social and all the secrets he’s now releasing for the public to use.


It was not always this way for me. I was once in the exact same situation that you are currently in or, better yet, and even more dreadful situation!

I’ve established it as my life’s mission to assist the most men possible to get out of this grueling depression and become the man of passion which we can all be as a community.

Since I was a young child I recall feeling awkward around girls who then followed me throughout high school. Through my high school years, I made up my lack of social skills by dating online.

You’re probably thinking “well wouldn’t this be great enough?” No the next thing that happened each time was a string of sour dates with women and absolutely no sexual sex.

After that, going to college caused more problems for me because I was in the midst of hundreds of beautiful women who had no inclination to confront it.

Unfortunately, I’d spend my time in class imagining that adorable woman studying Business Ethics who may someway somehow, through sheer chances, speak to me someday. What do you think? The day that seemed to be never going to happen.

Instead of being sad at myself for my own shortcomings, I went lost in the maze of PUA content, all resulting from watching a TV show known as “Keys for the VIP.” That then was followed by me discovering relevant videos from a number of individuals from a firm known as RSD.

The information helped me shift my thoughts towards understanding the power of social interactions and what could be accomplished when you learn how to communicate with women in a way that is effective.

I began with a nightclub visit and learning how to interact with girls with ease with my fellow participants of my RSD group that we met in my town. I was making progress in removing anxiety about approaching and also learning more aspects.

However, I was not being made as I tried to lose my virginity. However, the moment of turning point came when I started to learn the wonderful tips of Alex.


Alex was a favored coach of those who were members of the RSD group members from my town, and I decided to put some of my money into his Hot Seat that was a two-day boot camp with detail footage from his infield of him returning girls from beginning to end.

I took every note I could keep and his lectures throughout the two days inspired me to take massive steps. These videos had to remain private and would never be revisited, so imagine the ten pages I completed inside my notepad.

It wasn’t the case for me in a hurry however, I adhered to the method of the lessons Alex taught me, and learned through my failures, and then I was able meet a hot petite Japanese girl.

The virginity had gone! I continued with the momentum and I met my ex-girlfriend soon after. She was smart, sexy and fun. She was everything I could need in a girl. I had a great time with her, but we ended up breaking up which meant I had to go back at starting from scratch.

If you’re not making contact with women regularly, you will are losing your confidence quickly, and I felt as though I was playing catch-up when I was exhilarated in nightclubs continuously. I was in need of a natural method to get my groove back, and going out in the evening twice a week not enough..

I was looking forward to going out during the afternoon. I’ve never been a big lover of meeting girls in a daytime setting like cafes, schools or even at the mall. However, I was in desperate need of more opportunities to meet girls.

After a couple of tries of failing to walk the streets Downtown, I inquired to Alex Social to see he had launched a day-game program. You can call me crazy however, it was an announcement from the guy upstairs. What I was searching for was right there at the time I needed it the most.

Based on my trust for Alex due to his contribution to my life in the past, I was not hesitant to invest into daygame’s phone games.


So, What Is Day Game Phone Game?


DayGame Phone Game is an original program developed by Alex and will be the final program prior to his retirement from PUA for good after serving as an instructor for the last 11 years. As his final program, you’re already aware of how much effort was put into this.

The idea intrigued me from the beginning because it was documented and executed entirely cold by Alex and the other coaches in a place in which they had absolutely no experience.

It was an four-week test to enter an entirely new setting, approach, and build relationships with as many gorgeous girls as you can , and maximize every interaction throughout the daytime.

The entire four sessions by each coaching staff member will be recorded from beginning to finish , and then is presented as 18 parts which are approximately 90-100 hours each. They will be released periodically as you progress through the series . They are packed with lots of approaches notes, plenty of approaches and all that great stuff.

When I first went to the Alex Social video boot camp there were no recording allowed and there was no footage from these videos being released anywhere therefore the thought that the program would provide me with content at any time and from anywhere was me eager at the possibilities I was eager to dive into.

Quickly going through the best lessons from the modules include:

  • Just going out and starting to get started
  • Leaning into the brick wall (lessons you can learn from your the first mistakes)
  • Abundance saturation (will discuss more detail on this in the future)
  • Fake it until you get it right Introduction to dating apps
  • How to set to set up Tinder correct way, using a variety of examples.
  • Day game masterminds demonstrating general theories about fashion
  • Logistics
  • Eye contact
  • Eye language
  • The skill set of 10 skills you must be able to do in each encounter
  • Rejections
  • Social media pulls marketing
  • Your goal will be different. girls ‘ mindset, which is really deep in game ideas
  • The woman’s point of viewpoint with a girl’s sketch
  • Screening
  • Mastering game of numbers
  • Phone game text game
  • Qualifications
  • Objections
  • Seductions
  • Building rapport
  • Instant pulls
  • What do you need to know about the dates
  • The phone was ringing with flakes.
  • How do you manage multiple relationships?
  • and breakups

As you will see, there’s nothing else you could expect. It’s a long chronology of all the outcomes and how they came to them, and the results that came to them. It’s so effective because it shows that the majority of daytime interactions in cities with girls aren’t so linear as you’d imagine.

It’s not as straightforward as an approach to rapport, numbers test, date and sexual sex.

There are many factors which are a part of the development line for girls, therefore it’s amazing to be able to observe every aspect directly in front of your eyes anytime you’d like through these tutorials and videos you can’t get anyplace else.

To go even deeper deeply into the subject of randomness in city daygames, girls are enthralled by the concept of randomness and events “just happen” during the day and a linear grid would appear too predetermined in the majority of situations, therefore it’s not that girls don’t like being prescient, they’re put off by the routine, so the lessons from the program will show you how to make use of the program to your advantage.

It’s interesting to observe the initial stages of the course , when the instructors and Alex begin to make their first steps in the unfamiliar setting during the course. They are a bit secluded, and you’ll be able to feel yourself instantly in them which is incredibly soothing.

As they progress as the strategies and numbers rise, you can witness first hand the power of the concept of abundance saturation can be to attract girls throughout the day during the stage of building rapport.

Also, be able observe how abundance saturation is getting built up for all coaches from beginning to end which can be a pivotal key to their performance.

Sales Page: https://www.aypa-dating.com/daygame-phone-game-review/

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